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The most inspiring luxury travel influencers to follow on Instagram

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Kindred spirits after our own wanderlust-filled hearts luxury travel influencers scour the globe for the most exceptional places to stay, and a select few have managed to turn their profession – and their Instagram accounts – into an artform.

You know when you’re scrolling through your feed, and you see a photograph or video so breathtakingly beautiful you’re forced to find out where exactly you’re looking at so you can book a flight there immediately? Chances are the content came from one of these luxury travel influencers.

In recognition of those who’ve truly gone above and beyond in their pursuit of travel perfection we’ve highlighted the Instagram accounts of luxury travel influencers who in some way inspire, either by making their dream job a reality, highlighting the many benefits of travel in a stunning and captivating manner or simply by creating such a beautifully curated grid that you can get lost in it for hours – almost like you’re on vacation yourself.

The luxury travel influencers on our list offer a glimpse into every corner of the world, providing inspiration to explore. They promote experiences and connections above all else and help to highlight the tremendous effort that goes into making each incredible resort and hotel, by the dedicated and driven people so keen to give others an experience of a lifetime, tasting the best regional food, experiencing the culture, gazing awe-struck at the spellbinding scenery and architecture and learning the history of the unique part of the world they live and work in.

Scroll down to view our list of the most inspiring luxury travel influencers to follow on Instagram. You might also like to read our pick of the best hotel spas in Bali and the most beautiful boutique hotels in Notting Hill.

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Wild Bay Co is as much a celebration of the people who make these incredible experiences possible, as it is a celebration of the luxury resorts and hotels themselves. If you’ve stayed somewhere outstanding that deserves recognition for its exceptional attention to detail as well as its stunning setting then contact us and let us know.

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For me, my life of travel started with seeing two pictures and dreaming of being in them. One of the Maldives, the other Rio, Brazil. Those two photos laid my future down and enabled me, an ordinary girl to live an extraordinary life of travel.


@travel_a_little_luxe is the Instagram account of luxury travel influencer Danielle Greentree, offering followers behind-the-scenes access to a vast array of beautiful luxury destinations. Danielle is widely regarded as one of the best luxury travel influencers around and has been featured by Vogue Living, Forbes Travel Guide, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Harper’s Bazaar and Arch Digest.

Mindful travel and luxury combine

As well as uncovering some of the world’s most beautiful destinations Danielle is also an advocate of ‘mindful travel’.

In a Marie Claire article she said: “There are so many new boutique and eco-friendly hotels that are available to the mainstream traveller, and hotels are now offering more immersive experiences that give back to communities, so guests feel that they are directly contributing or helping, and not just ‘visiting’ a local village, for example.

“Hotels are also starting to include more personalised day trips, as opposed to only offering services and experiences within their five-star walls.”

It’s great to see the promotion of resorts that give back to the community, encourage immersive experiences of the local culture and have strong environmental considerations as well as offering the most elegant and indulgent stays for their guests.

And all wrapped in such beautiful packaging. You only have to cast your eye over a few of Danielle’s recent posts to see she’s an expert at capturing the essence of what makes a resort or hotel so special and portraying it in such an exquisite snapshot.

@travel_a_little_luxe is one to follow.

Come for the fashion. Stay for the lifestyle.


@styledbym.e is the personal Instagram account of Michelle Esteban who travels around the world for her luxury event planning company The Occasion.

Do anything but let it produce joy

Born in Jamaica, living in Canada and parts of the Caribbean, and the owner of luxury event planning company The Occasion, Michelle travels the world in search of incredible experiences.

Her posts, stories, and reels offer ‘I want to be there’ moments, and always with a touch of glam. Genuine, insightful, and dazzling to look at Michelle’s content also comes from considered time spent wherever she goes, making it one of our go-to accounts when we’re planning our next trip.

I come from a small island in the Pacific and I’m still not quite sure how I got to live a life bigger than I ever dreamed of.


Chelsea Y. better known as @chelseakauai epitomises the wanderlust spirit. Growing up on a small island in the Pacific she dreamed of exploring the world – which is exactly what she’s done. Her beautifully artistic content and unwavering positivity have earned her an enormous loyal following on Instagram.

Big dreams from a small island

Not only is Chelsea’s Instagram account one of the most visually stunning and artistic we’ve ever seen – in any industry (take a look at some of the incredible underwater photography) – she also conveys positivity through everything she does.

As well as inspiring millions to explore the most beautiful places on earth she also promotes eco-conscious travel, wellness, self-care, mindfulness, productiveness and creativity via her blog and Instagram, among many other things.

Just take a look at a few posts and you’ll see what we mean. You’ll likely feel more motivated and find yourself planning your next trip before you know what’s happening.

The ultimate wanderlust pick-me-up. A must follow @chelseakauai

Two years later we quit our corporate jobs and are working full-time on Salt in our Hair. Which is now our full-time, hard-working, dream job.


@saltinourhair is an inspiration to anyone wanting to make travel – or anything else that they’re unbelievabky passionate about – their full time career. Not to mention it’s one of the most beautiful accounts to scroll on Instagram.

Making the luxury travel dream a reality

Nick and Hannah, two creatives from the Netherlands, started Salt in our Hair on their first backpacking trip back in 2015. At the end of their trip one of their photos was featured by GoPro.

They went back to their corporate jobs and began the blog at the same time, posting weekly on the blog as well as posting content on Instagram every day. They travelled after every 12 week period of working. A year later they were working around 80 hours a week each – 40 at their corporate jobs and 40 on Salt in our Hair in the evenings and at weekends.

Nick and Hannah stuck at it and two years later in November 2017 they quit their corporate jobs to work full time on Salt in our Hair.

Their blog and Instagram cover a huge variety of amazing places to stay in the world, and what’s more Nick and Hannah offer plenty of tips and tricks, advice and techniques to support other budding travel and Instagram entrepreneurs.

Salt in our Hair is now one of the largest, most successful and downright beautiful luxury travel accounts on Instagram.

Take a look for yourself @saltinourhair

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Passion for photography has grown steadily when I was traveling all around the world trying to capture every unforgettable experience I met on my way with a view to collect and share them. I endeavor to enhance each shot to make it unique.


Loïc Lagarde is a French photographer who lives in Paris. He’s the mastermind behind the spectacular loic.lagarde Instagram account.

Pictures worth more than a 1000 words

Loïc‘s account on Instagram is truly a work of art. Each individual picture has been so thoughtfully created to instantly demand your attention, sweep you off your feet and transport you thousands of miles away to another – extremly beautiful – time and place. As a collective grid the only available response is, “Oh, wow.”

In his own words: “Photography is a great way to capture the light of an evasive present time always running away from us.”

If you’re feeling a little grounded and need to know the world out there is still full of wonder this is the place for reaffirmation.

You need loic.lagarde in your feed.

Find your next unforgettable adventure.


@wildbayco is an online luxury travel magazine featuring the most beautiful destinations, hotels and resorts around the world.

Travel like you mean it

From the best beaches in Anguilla to the most romantic places to stay in Tuscany, Wild Bay Co’s Instagram is a collection of exotic luxury hotels, boutique resorts and amazing travel destinations.

We’re always looking for the next adventure and we want to shine a light on particularly beautiful places and resorts which offer really special experiences. If you’ve been somewhere you can’t stop thinking about we’d love to hear about it. Message us with your recommendations so we can add them to our travel list and feature them on the website.

I seek out the unique, less traveled, more intimate places around the globe. All of the properties I choose to feature are hand-selected because they are surrounded by exquisite natural landscapes and offer guests a once-in-a-lifetime, truly memorable experience where they can get back to nature.


Luxury travel meets the great outdoors @wildluxe_travel is the concept of Misha Gillingham who created the account to promote the hotels and resorts that find the perfect balance between breathtaking nature and ultimate luxury.

Where luxury travel meets the great outdoors

We absolutely love the thinking behind @wildluxe_travel and we’re also massive fans of promoting the brands, hotels and resorts that dare to create amazing places to stay in previously seemingly untouchable yet unimagineably beautiful parts of the world, somehow still offering unrivalled luxury so guests can unwind, relax and renew while experiencing such stunning surroundings.

Predominantly in video format @wildluxe_travel offers an exciting glimpse into adventurous destinations across the world, each beautifully edited, curated and well worth watching – especially if exotic wonderfully remote destinations are your thing.

And as if that’s not inspiring enough, Misha’s other account is @farmluxe not-for-profit Bainbridge Island farm, where they rescue animals and grow organic produce and flowers to donate to their local food bank.

A must follow.

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