The best beaches in Anguilla

Paradise found: the best beaches in Anguilla

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A lot of people still aren’t entirely sure where Anguilla is – and that’s part of its beauty. There are few better destinations in the world for that castaway in paradise feeling, and even fewer with beaches as sublime, if any.

Anguilla’s brilliantly white sands bask in sunshine on the northernmost tip of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Located to the east of the British Virgin Islands, its close neighbours include St Martin, a 25-minute ferry ride away, and St Barts, a mere 40km away. In good company then. But if you’re looking for spectacular beaches then Anguilla is arguably the best of the bunch.

Anguilla is a relatively tiny country. It’s just 16 miles (26 kilometres) long and 3 miles (5 kilometres) wide, with a population of just over 15,000 people, known for being warm and welcoming.

Like someone jumping out of their car to help you when you can’t figure out how the pumps work at the petrol station, or the desire and excitement from people to recommend the best beaches, viewpoints, and restaurants to visit on the island (we highly recommend Blanchards Restaurant), and a genuine interest to find out if you enjoyed your excursions.

It’s the people, and their boundless kindness and hospitality, that will stay in your memories. The people – and the beaches.

Anguilla has 33 beaches in total, and given the island’s size, it’s not difficult to explore and take in more than one, especially as there’s more or less one main road that connects everything.

We say more or less because despite the assurances of whoever you speak to that there’s only one main road, and it’s impossible to get lost, you will come across a few junctions. We’d recommend taking/ using a map but we do agree it is super easy – and fun – to get around. We hired a Jeep Wrangler which seemed like the ideal vehicle to amble from beach to exquisite beach.

Below you’ll find a round-up of some of the best beaches in Anguilla, including some of the most spectacular stretches of white sand on both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean sides of the island.

Have you been to Anguilla? Which beaches did you visit? If you had the trip of a lifetime let us know so we can add your favourite beaches to the list of the best beaches in Anguilla below. Tell us about your experiences and let’s raise the profile of the places that are truly unforgettable. Contact us and let us know.

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Wild Bay Co is as much a celebration of the people who make these incredible experiences possible, as it is a celebration of the luxury resorts and hotels themselves. If you’ve stayed somewhere outstanding that deserves recognition for its exceptional attention to detail as well as its stunning setting then contact us and let us know.

So picturesque it’s hard to accept it’s actually real, and right in front of you.

Shoal Bay East

As spectacular as beaches get, Shoal Bay East is not only arguably Anguilla’s best beach, but the best beach on the planet too.

Pure beach paradise

On the northern shores of Anguilla lies Shoal Bay East. A wondrous stretch of powder white sand and shimmering turquoise so brilliant it’s otherworldly.

We stayed at Zemi Beach House, enjoying breakfast, lunch, and dinner right on the sand. From sunrise to sunset our surroundings were mesmerising, the colours constantly changing in such spectacular fashion it was hard not to wonder whether someone, somewhere was orchestrating the whole thing. We even had hundreds of small white-winged butterflies floating in the air around us. A phenomenon that only happens in late October apparently, adding to the surreal dream-like feeling. Shoal Bay East is, quite simply, paradise.

Beach dining on Shoal Bay East in Anguilla

As luxurious a stretch of sand as you’re ever likely to find facing the Caribbean Sea.

Maundays Bay

A calm harbor located on the western tip of Anguilla. Home to an exquisite white sand beach and the exclusive island hideaway Belmond Cap Juluca resort.

Island hideaway

The pristine Maundays Bay beach is a postcard-worthy crescent of white sand and sparkling turquoise water.

With the renowned and highly-regarded Belmond Cap Juluca resort nestled right on the shore, and the rolling hills of St Martin in the distance, this is one of the most idyllic spots to bask in the hot Anguillan sunshine while sipping on champagne. If you’re in Anguilla, on Maundays Bay beach – you’ve plenty to celebrate.

Awe-inspiring views from one of Anguilla’s most dazzling beaches.

Rendezvous Bay

Located on the southwest coast of Anguilla, Rendezvous Bay beach offers some of the best views on the island.

Caribbean Sea views

Two miles of brilliantly white sand, turquoise waters so bright the sea practically glows, and magnificent views across the waves to St Martin’s undulating landscape rising from the sea.

We stopped for drinks at the elegant Aurora Anguilla’s Eventide restaurant. A cold Carib in a frosty glass, and a view that no photograph can possibly do justice.

Rendezvous Bay beach in Anguilla

Meads Bay’s warm tranquil waters are calling.

Meads Bay

On the northern coast to the west of the island Meads Bay is home to one of the best beaches in Anguilla.

Tropical splendour

Meads Bay is about a mile and a half long (2.4 kilometres) and it says something that two of Anguilla’s best hotels are situated along its shores; Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla to the west and Malliouhana, Auberge Collection Resorts to the east.

We stopped by Blanchards Restaurant, located on the eastern half of the bay, which had been strongly recommended by almost everyone we met. It lived up to the hype. The food, and setting, is fantastic. We booked a couple of loungers on the beach for the day with vast stretches of white sand beach to our left and the striking Malliouhana at the end of the beach to our right. The sea was warm, calm, and crystal clear. As beach days go it’s one we’ll never forget.

Meads Bay Beach in Anguilla

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