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Wild Bay Co is a celebration of the most luxurious, exotic and unique places to stay in the world, and the people who make each destination possible. Our vision is to showcase the best travel destinations on the planet in recognition of the inspiration behind them, and the dedication that has gone into creating each carefully crafted detail. Our goal is to build a collective of travel enthusiasts who appreciate an incredible life experience with loved ones somewhere magical above all else.

The Wild Bay collection consists of resorts, hotels, guest houses and apartments that we think deserve special praise for their ingenuity in the pursuit of the perfect getaway. If you’ve stayed somewhere truly remarkable and think it should be included in our directory and featured on Wild Bay Co send your suggestion to us via our contact us page. 




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When we’re deciding which resorts, hotels and travel destinations to include in the Wild Bay Co collection there is no defining checklist, but there are certain factors that will catch our attention and turn a place to stay into a must-include.

Visually stunning decor, an incredible setting and the reviews and feedback from others who have stayed there are all front of mind. Ultimately though we’re looking for places that have a certain something that just makes them unforgettable. We want to applaud the creativity behind those places and encourage every travel lover to add them to their travel wish list.

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Browse the latest amazing places to stay in our collection and be inspired for your next trip of a lifetime. The most luxurious, exotic and unique travel destinations in the world.

Where to stay in Antigua

Where to stay in Antigua

Antigua is an island full of adventure, rum, lush rainforests, moreish food, and no less than 365 breath-taking beaches.

A true Caribbean island gem, Antigua is a travel destination that starts off as a must see at least once in a lifetime destination, and ends up being the place you return to at least once a year. It’s that good.