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The best Virgin Gorda resorts for luxury and adventure

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Barely more than eight square miles Virgin Gorda is a hidden gem in the Caribbean full of secluded coves, unspoiled white sand beaches, and some exceptional luxury Virgin Gorda resorts.

Part of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda offers an abundance of natural beauty, hikes, yacht clubs, national parks, ancient ruins, boutique shops, and incredible food. A dazzling travel destination if you’re looking for Caribbean luxury and island adventure.

The island’s most celebrated and famous attraction is the Baths on Virgin Gorda’s north shore. A dramatic and awe-inspiring collection of granite boulders, created from volcanic lava, which form sheltered sea pools on the beach’s edge. The protected area also includes Devil’s Bay, which can be reached from The Baths by a series of ladders scaling the boulders. Just north of The Baths, Spring Bay is reached by a separate road and includes a lovely white sand beach.

For sea explorers Virgin Gorda is an adventurer’s playground. Above the water you can hire power boats and sailboats to fish or view the stunning surrounding islands. Sir Richard Branson’s luxury private island Necker Island is just a few kilometres away. And if you’re a scuba diver there’s plenty on offer too, from countless towering reefs of healthy corals, underwater caves, tunnels, extraordinary shipwrecks and massive boulders and grottoes and spectacular visibility.

In the island’s mountainous north, beautiful and secluded hiking trails lead up Gorda Peak to a lookout tower with views of the scattered surrounding islets. At 1359ft, Gorda Peak is the island’s highest point. The beginner’s hike is under two hours round trip.

Spanish Town on southern Virgin Gorda is the second largest town on the British Virgin Islands. Also known as The Valley, Spanish Town has some shops, a relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful Yacht Harbor marina at its heart.

The island is also home to some of the best upscale hotels in the Caribbean, each with exquisite restaurants and boutique shopping. We’ve selected some of the best luxury Virgin Gorda resorts below to help you discover this secret island paradise and find your ideal British Virgin Islands vacation.

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For more luxury travel inspiration nearby take a look at Sir Richard Branson’s extraordinary Caribbean home, Necker Island, also located in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. You might also like to read our ultimate guide to luxury travel in Barbados.

Wild Bay Co is as much a celebration of the people who make these incredible experiences possible, as it is a celebration of the luxury resorts and hotels themselves. If you’ve stayed somewhere outstanding that deserves recognition for its exceptional attention to detail as well as its stunning setting then contact us and let us know.

A level of refinement, seclusion and untamed beauty unrivaled in the Caribbean.

Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Surrounded by the untamed wilderness of Virgin Gorda, Rosewood Little Dix Bay is on one of the Caribbean’s finest shorelines—a half-mile beach of powder-white sand beyond a colorful barrier reef.

One of the world’s greatest getaways

Rosewood Little Dix Bay has long been synonymous with barefoot luxury. Remaining true to its heritage, the resort’s British Virgin Island accommodations blend a sophisticated Caribbean sensibility with the understated refinement of mid-century modern design.

Interiors are composed of crisp, clean lines, layers of texture, organic forms and natural materials such as wood and stone. Open, light-filled spaces and inviting outdoor living areas accentuate the connection with the island’s lush tropical landscape. The rooms and suites are nestled discreetly amongst the manicured gardens and shaded footpaths that edge the resort’s pristine crescent beach, while the luxury Caribbean villas offer unmatched privacy on the beach or on the hillside above the bay. All BVI accommodations enjoy ocean views and dedicated butler service.

The same level of detail that has been lavishly given to Rosewood Little Dix Bay’s accommodation can be found in its food and drink options. From Caribbean fine dining to beachside farm-to-table cuisine, Rosewood Little Dix Bay is home to an eclectic and inspired mix of Virgin Gorda restaurants.

Not only is this one of the best luxury Virgin Gorda resorts – this is one of the best luxury resorts anywhere in the world.

A wonderfully unique destination in the heart of the British Virgin Islands.

Saba Rock Resort

Saba Rock Resort is an iconic destination in the BVI, offering a relaxed island atmosphere and stylish gastronomy.

The heart and soul of the Caribbean

Saba Rock, an iconic place in the middle of the British Virgin Islands, attracts sailors, adventurers, travelers, yachtsmen, divers, kitesurfers as well as vacationers.

The uniquely relaxed island atmosphere and stylish gastronomy will delight all fans of good food and drink.

In this elegant tropical island resort, you’ll find just nine rooms – ensuring a secluded stay that puts you in the middle of BVI paradise.

Lodgings include seven stylish beach-chic rooms and two generously appointed island suites – all with contemporary furniture, island-inspired design elements, and sweeping ocean views. Dine in an all new open air restaurant for freshly caught seafood and hearty burgers, ribs, wings and other savory loval favorites. The menu is designed to satisfy all tastes.

From an on-site dive shop ready to take you on a tour to discover and explore the BVI’s underwater treasures to soaring through the sun-drenched skies of this Caribbean island paradise while kite boarding, there are plenty of adventures to be had at this boutique iconic Virgin Gorda resort.

One of the most extraordinary luxury retreats in the world.

Necker Island

Necker Island is the stuff of dreams. While it’s actually a bit north of Virgin Gorda, it’s near enough that we had to include it.

Pure island fantasy

Just north of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands, surrounded by the shimmering turquoise waters of the eastern Caribbean Sea, lies Necker Island, 74 acres of pure luxury island fantasy.

Owned by British billionaire, entrepreneur, and founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, Necker Island is part of Virgin’s Limited Edition property portfolio – and it’s simply spectacular.

The glamorous property boasts 24 thoughtfully designed and furnished rooms, amazing views of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, beautiful beaches and a lush tropical landscape all in one of the most remote and idyllic locations.

Luxury and adventure are calling.

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