The best hotel view in the world

The best hotel view in the world

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For a hotel view to make it onto this list and to have any claim of being the best hotel view in the world it needs to be almost otherworldly. A hotel view so spectacular it’s all you remember, and all you talk about for days, weeks and years after you’re home, making you yearn to go back for another visit.

Not all hotel views are created equal, and nor should they be, making it difficult to draw any straight comparisons – but there are some common factors. You know when you’re on vacation, probably in your complimentary robe, perhaps on your balcony, gazing out across a landscape or seascape so special you feel your whole body relax and give over to the fact you’re far, far away from your daily hustle and so much better for it? Every hotel view we’ve featured should give you that feeling.

Of course, personal preference does come into it. Whether you’re a beach or a mountain person, or perhaps it’s the sea that really calls to you. 

Then there’s the matter of regions, and countries, cityscapes and private islands and no doubt at some point we’ll break down the title of best hotel view in the world by each of these categories and more, but for now, and always, this list will be the ultimate. The very best hotel view in the world and the exceptional hotels that can, justly, be considered in the reckoning.

Chances are if you’re on this website you’re part of the collective and, like us, you’re simply a travel person and you can’t get enough spectacular views into your life.

If you are currently searching for your next dream vacation, and not just wanderlusting and browsing the Wild Bay Collection until your mind inadvertently drifts off to one of our featured luxury locations (warning: you could find you’ve booked your next ten years of vacations before you know what’s happened. Browse at your own risk), make sure to take a look at the full list of amazing places to stay on Wild Bay Co, or browse luxury resorts by region: USA luxury resorts, Caribbean luxury resorts, Indian Ocean luxury resorts, Europe luxury resorts and Southeast Asia luxury resorts.

Every hotel and resort featured in the Wild Bay Collection has a great view, but only those that are built around their view – a view that’s so bewitching it’s one of, if not the, most unique and impressive feature about the resort – have been included below.

Have you stayed at any hotels with incredible views? Which hotel view was the best and how did it compare to those on our list? Tell us about your experiences and let’s raise the profile of the places that are truly unforgettable.

Wild Bay Co is as much a celebration of the people who make these incredible experiences possible, as it is a celebration of the luxury resorts and hotels themselves. If you’ve stayed somewhere outstanding that deserves recognition for its exceptional attention to detail as well as its stunning setting then contact us and let us know.

Stayed here for 10 days with my wife and two sons. The backdrop is maybe one of the world’s great views and the hotel is very close to perfection too. Our villa was perfect and with a great view, and the staff could not have been more helpful.

Sugar Beach St Lucia

Set among 100 acres of pristine lush rainforest on the shores of a hidden Caribbean cove, the towering peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Pitons all around you, Sugar Beach St Lucia offers a hotel view so strikingly beautiful it should be a must-see on your travel list.

Pristine white sand and majestic views of the Pitons

It’s not really our place to be speechless but…

What. A. View.

All of the accommodation at Sugar Beach St Lucia has been elegantly designed and positioned to provide a calming relaxing sanctuary amid the most beautiful surroundings imagineable.

Whether you’re staying in one of the luxury guestrooms with views of Gros Piton across the waters of the Sugar Mill Lily Pond and the majestic ruins of an 18th-century sugar mill, or in one of the beachfront luxury bungalows where you can step right out onto the sand, just being at Sugar Beach St Lucia, A Viceroy Resort is a spellbinding experience in its own right.

Make the most of the resort’s six thoughtfully curated restaurants, stunning main swimming pool and picture-perfect beach bar and relax in superlative luxury, taking in some of the most unimaginably beautiful views on the planet.

The best hotel view in the world

This place is just magical!! Don Sheldon was not only the most heroic bush pilots but his foresight in seeing the beauty in this extraordinary location is more than well appreciated by those who visit. It doesn’t hurt that not only are you surrounded by majestic views no matter which way you look. The chef was insane and the team was superb. Highly recommended!!

Sheldon Chalet Alaska

Discover the magnificent mountain resort Sheldon Chalet Alaska. Experience mountain luxury, spectacular views and enjoy an environment like no other. One of the best places to see the northern lights in the world: one of the best places to stay in the world.

Snow, northern lights and the grandest of views 

If you ever get the chance to see the northern lights you have to go – and if you ever get the chance to see the northern lights in Alaska, at Sheldon Chalet… count yourself extremely lucky. This is not only arguably the best hotel view in the world, it’s possibly the best view in the world.

‘Adventuring in place’ is a phrase coined and used by the brilliant founders of Sheldon Chalet to capture the essence of just being. Having the ability to be still and partake in all that the majestic surroundings have to give is an adventure all by itself.

After you’ve arrived by helicopter and settled into your luxurious surroundings more than likely you’ll first want to simply soak in some of the atmosphere.

Listen to and feel the sounds of an active Ruth Glacier. Watch avalanches cascade down miles away. Listen and watch rock falls from across the amphitheater and become inspired and transfixed by magnificent starscapes and gleaming dancing aurora with no light and atmosphere pollution to distract.

Find yourself captivated by the sound of silence and stillness and enjoy being in a setting very few experience. This really is a trip of a lifetime adventure.

The best hotel view in the world

The Belmond El Encanto has been my getaway from the city for many years. The property is elegant and intimate, the landscaping amazing, and the views are sublime. I love the beds and linens. Every room is different. There is a celebration of nature, private space and solitude. You can relax at the pool, read by a fire, hike to your heart’s content nearby, enjoy a decadent meal with stunning ocean views on the patio, or be whisked to wine country in an hour.

Belmond El Encanto

Step into a world of glitz and glamour and discover the 1920s charm of Belmond El Encanto. Enjoy spectacular sweeping views of the Pacific, lavish accommodation and quality local cuisine. Belmond El Encanto is one of the best luxury hotels in California and it’s waiting to transport you to another ultra-stylish time.

1920s style and sweeping views of the American Riviera

There’s just something about gazing down upon California’s epic coastline from up high that sets your imagination free and relaxes you to your core.

Simply swanning to and from your indulgent lodgings to breakfast, to the pool, to lunch and back to the pool before dressing up for a spectacular dinner will be enough to make you want to extend your stay at Belmond El Encanto, and there’s plenty to do within the grounds of the resort and nearby too.

After working up a sweat on a scenic hike, it’s only right to celebrate with a gourmet hilltop picnic. Choose one of the many stunning trails in Santa Barbara, Montecito or Goleta for a three-hour experience with a skilled guide. Your delicious lunch for two includes a bottle of local Californian wine or bubbles. Then wrap up your evening with a little movie magic…

Here’s looking at you, kid: watch your favorite stars under the stars with an alfresco movie screening. Relax on your private terrace and tuck in to popcorn, artisanal candies and mocktails. An absolute must during your stay.

Or just sit and take in the view.

Prime view-watching locations include the zero-edge outdoor pool where you can gaze out across the Pacific while soaking up the sun, and seven acres of gloriously landscaped gardens which also offer sweeping views of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean so you can drift through the rare flora and make the most of the balmy West Coast evenings.

The best hotel view in the world

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