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Grand luxury, mountain living, and spectacular northern lights

Destination: Alaska, USA
Vacation: Mountain luxury
Seeking: Spectacular setting
Highlight: Northern lights

Perched on a nunatak in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater of Denali’s magnificent Ruth Glacier, just 10 miles from the summit, Sheldon Chalet in Alaska, a 2000sqft luxury lodge, is more than a place to stay, it’s an exclusive experience of grand proportion.

Sheldon Chalet is as unique as the surroundings are breathtaking. Guests arrive by helicopter and emerge over a mountain ridge to see a vast snowy amphitheater ringed by some of the tallest mountains in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fine dining, luxury accommodations and exquisite service are a commitment to the property’s distinctive environment, making Sheldon Chalet not only one of the most unique places to stay in the world – and one of the best places to see the northern lights – but one of the best luxury mountain resorts in the world too. 50 years and three generations of the Sheldon Family have worked to make the vision of Don and Roberta Sheldon, to offer guests a chance to experience Denali’s wild beauty in comfortable luxury, a reality. 

Enter a world that few have the opportunity to explore. In the company of personal guides and extraordinary staff, Sheldon Chalet guests can immerse themselves in the grandeur of this unique luxury destination, whether they’re looking for ultimate detatchment and relaxation or intrepid adventure in the grandest of settings.

All exploration in the 35 square mile Don Sheldon Amphitheater is rooted in the tradition of mountaineering. To begin, your guides will properly fit you for your climbing harness, snowshoes, helmet and poles. Once properly fitted, you will attend Glacier School where your guides will give basic instruction on glacier safety, rope team etiquette and what to expect for the adventure of the day. No previous mountaineering experience is necessary and there is something for everyone.

And if you’d rather look at the wonder around you without venturing out onto the snow there is another type of exploration that exists at Sheldon Chalet; “Adventure In Place”. Guests are invited to experience a peace and calm that will relax and refresh your spirit. Experience adventure in place on deck around the fire pit surrounded by grandeur, in the relaxing sauna with views of Denali’s summit, or inside with your favorite book. Being at Sheldon Chalet is simply grand.

Whatever the activities you partake in Sheldon Chalet chefs provide a seemingly endless feast of creative and delectable Alaskan fare using locally sourced, wild harvested ingredients, making each meal an experience almost as grand as your surroundings.

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  • Mountain luxury 100% 100%
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  • Northern lights 100% 100%

“Where to begin. First of all 5 stars are not enough. It’s that incredible. I’ve never experienced anything where I get chills and tears at the same time just thinking about it! It’s that incredible. The Sheldon family has created something so unique, a rugged peacefulness, an existential departure from everyday life that I will never forget. It’s that incredible. The staff (Kathryn, Dave, Terrell, and Simon) are the very best! As for the meals Delicious Dave’s creations of almost exclusive Alaska sourced food thrilled and amazed at every setting, whether in the chalet or out on the glacier. It’s that incredible. Thank you Robert, Marne, and Kate for carrying on Don’s legacy, vision, and dream and allowing us to ‘Experience Grand’!” Guest Review

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Take a tour of the magnificent mountain resort Sheldon Chalet. Experience mountain luxury, spectacular views and enjoy an environment like no other. One of the best places to see the northern lights in the world: one of the best places to stay in the world.

Best food & drink

1. Experience culinary

Sheldon Chalet chefs provide a seemingly endless feast of creative and delectable Alaskan fare using locally sourced, wild harvested ingredients. Whether in the Chalet or on the glacier, each meal is a grand experience.

2. Alaskan Oysters

A seafood spread could include sweet Alaskan oysters, halibut ceviche, tiny spot shrimp, king crab, with Alaskan rhubarb cocktail sauce and local spruce tip mignonette.

Sheldon Chalet Denali Alaska
Sheldon Chalet Denali Alaska


‘Adventuring in place’ is a phrase coined and used by the brilliant founders of Sheldon Chalet to capture the essence of just being. Having the ability to be still and partake in all that the majestic surroundings have to give is an adventure all by itself.

After you’ve arrived by helicopter and settled into your luxurious surroundings more than likely you’ll first want to simply soak in some of the atmosphere.

Listen to and feel the sounds of an active Ruth Glacier. Watch avalanches cascade down miles away.  Listen and watch rock falls from across the amphitheater and become inspired and transfixed by magnificent starscapes and gleaming dancing aurora with no light and atmosphere pollution to distract.

Find yourself captivated by the sound of silence and stillness and enjoy being in a setting very few experience. This really is a trip of a lifetime adventure.

    Sheldon Chalet Denali Alaska


    Whenever you choose to visit Sheldon Chalet you’re guaranteed some of the most enchanting and awe-inspiring views imaginable, and if you arrive in spring, autumn or winter Sheldon Chalet is one of the best places to see the northern lights anywhere in the world thanks to its elevation, latitude and zero light pollution.


    Fresh powder from the winter blankets the glacier for endless first tracks, backcountry skiing, climbing, and crevasse exploration. When your adventuresome spirit has been satisfied for the day, return to Sheldon Chalet for a rejuvenating sauna, gourmet dinner and a hopeful dance of the aurora.


    Summer’s midnight sun provides indulgent days of epic glacier adventure with temperatures reaching 60F and endless hours of golden alpenglow and darkness is but a wink. The sun’s never-ending rays emanate warmth to the nunatak while melting the snowy peaks into a spectacular display of thundering avalanches that cascade down miles away. 


    Evenings sparkle brilliantly with heavenly displays of the aurora and stars, and winter’s snowfall begins to blanket the massive amphitheater which averages over 100 feet of new snow per year. World-class stargazing is on offer on the Chalet’s observation deck, enhanced by the cozy fire and satisfying beverages custom crafted by your private chef.


    Winter on Denali exhibits prime aurora borealis and meteorological viewing, full moon glacier treks, cozy fireside evenings and comforting saunas. Late morning golden sunrises illuminate the multitude of peaks in the 35 square mile Don Sheldon Amphitheater lighting up each in a wild color show as it fades into pastel and bronze sunsets in the late afternoon.

    Sheldon Chalet Denali Alaska


    For the adventure lover, there can be no better base than Sheldon Chalet. Where else can you explore such a striking landscape from such close quarters?

    There are plenty of ways to go about it too. Depending on the season you can find yourself snowshoe glacier trekking, enjoying a gourmet glacier picnic, snow cavern spelunking, sledding, rappelling, ice climbing, rock climbing, and back country skiing. 

    Thankfully Sheldon Chalet has a world-class chef on hand to keep you well fed, energised and relishing every meal in between activities and aurora gazing and watching meteor showers. 

    Sheldon Chalet is an all-inclusive experience like nothing else in Alaska or the world. Prior to Sheldon Chalet the only way to experience an overnight on Denali was to be a climber, sleeping in a tent, eating freeze dried food and battling the elements or in the rustic Sheldon Mountain House cooking camp food and utilizing an outhouse. Never before has anyone been able to enjoy this majestic setting in pure luxury sleeping on plush bedding, dining on gourmet food, enjoying warm showers and relaxing saunas until now.

    Grand Alaska

    Indulgent luxury in the most majestic setting
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