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Hotels with helipad landing areas for that Hollywood entrance

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Staring at the landmarks below, excitement building as your hotel emerges from wild shores, or mountains, lakes or forest, water glistening – the bar calling. There’s a reason you’re looking for hotels with helipad landing areas.

Something about arriving at your vacation destination by air, by helicopter, just screams adventure. It’s the ultimate entrance, and the most exhilarating way to start your getaway. Immediately immersed in the wild natural beauty you were in awe of from the skies as soon as you set foot on solid ground, and just steps away from your wonderfully air-conditioned accommodation, the pool, and of course – refreshment.

We’ve chosen a mix of luxury travel destinations you’d consider for a weekend getaway or for a longer break, probably extending it mid-way through and coming close to jacking it all in towards the end and flirting with the idea of completely abandoning your old life back home and moving there all together, telling yourself you’ll head back in the helicopter every other week – while generously topping up your Old Fashioned.

Each destination offers a window into a part of the world regularly marvelled at on Instagram and other social networking sites because of its wild untamed natural beauty, and, as well as being hotels with helipad landing areas, each resort we’ve picked provides the very best in terms of architecture, accommodation, activities. And food. We’d travel to all of these places just to eat, then we’d feel guilty (not guilty) when we realised five courses down that we’d only glanced up at the shimmering water, swirling skies and abundance of otherworldly beauty all around us for no more than a fleeting moment.


Have you stayed at an incredible hotel with a helipad you think we should feature on our list?  Contact us and let us know.

Wild Bay Co is as much a celebration of the people who make these incredible experiences possible, as it is a celebration of the luxury resorts and hotels themselves. If you’ve stayed somewhere outstanding that deserves recognition for its exceptional attention to detail as well as its stunning setting then contact us and let us know.

We can arrange a 15-minute helicopter transfer direct to our helipad for a sensationally scenic arrival.

One&Only Le Saint Geran

One&Only Le St Géran, Mauritius is a spectacular resort in a tropical paradise. If you’re keen on hotels with helipad landing areas for a truly dramatic entrance circling the pristine white sands of One&Only Le St Géran in Mauritius, the bright green palms reaching to bring you home as you come into land, is hard to beat.

Indescribable views across the island

As well as being one of our hotels with helipad landing areas so you can arrive in epic fashion One&Only Le St Géran also arranges helicopter excursions during your stay so you can see the islands by helicopter for a one-of-a-kind Mauritian experience.

Just off the coast of Le Morne lies what appears to be a dramatic sub-aquatic cascade; but the ‘Underwater Waterfall’ is actually a natural optical illusion, created by the movement of sand and silt sediments under powerful underwater currents – a spectacular natural illusion best seen by air.

Le Saint Géran resort itself is an iconic name in the region set in an unrivalled location, nestled peacefully in the soft sands of its own private peninsula between a beautiful, sheltered lagoon and the warm Indian Ocean. Surrounded by fabulous coral reefs and clear waters with a crescent-shaped stretch of stunning white sand beach. Its stately gates welcome guests into a Mauritian garden paradise of friendly calm and easy luxury.

Hotels with helipad One&Only Le St Geran Mauritius

Privacy, pristine nature and a refined selection of services and activities inspired by Tuscany.

Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco

Arriving at Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco in the heart of Tuscany, by helicopter, is an unforgettable experience and puts this luxurious Italian getaway high up the list of our hotels with helipad landing areas.

Natural beauty and rich gastronomic heritage

Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco has a private helipad on the estate, and provides a helicopter charter and transfer service to reach the estate rapidly and in full privacy.

Located within the UNESCO-listed Val d’Orcia in the Brunello di Montalcino winemaking region, Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco is set within a 5,000-acre country estate founded by Massimo and Chiara Ferragamo. The Italian resort is a celebration of the natural beauty and rich gastronomic heritage of Tuscany.

A superb culinary destination, Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco features two restaurants, an organic vegetable garden and a cooking school. Ancient castle ruins, a medieval church, a pampering spa, a fitness center, plentiful leisure facilities and a carefully curated selection of activities and excursions designed to highlight the region’s landscape and culture count among the offerings of this stylish world-class retreat.

Hotels with helipad Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco Tuscany Italy

A secluded haven for romantics, adventurers, and the mindful; Viceroy Bali luxury resort offers the ultimate private retreat.

Viceroy Bali

Viceroy Bali was awarded #1 Resort in the World by Condé Nast Traveler in their Readers’ Choice Awards and of course it has a helipad. Flying into Viceroy Bali should be on every travel wishlist and naturally we’ve included it in our list of the best hotels with helipad landing areas.

The best of Bali from the heart of Ubud

Everything about Viceroy Bali is on another level; fine dining, infinity pool, luxury spa and a private helipad near reception.

Viceroy Bali is family owned and operated, a rare affair for 5 star hotels in Bali. Situated only a 5 minute drive from the bustling Ubud shops, however your private, heated infinity villa pool overlooks a spectacular jungle ravine known as Valley of the Kings.

Villas are more than a ‘room with a view’ – they provide the ultimate luxury experience from the moment you step through the hand carved timber doors.

Every detail of this tropical sanctuary has been meticulously designed to provide an extraordinary expression of Balinese authenticity whilst also being world-class – including the helicopter transfer service on offer from the Denpasar helipad to Viceroy Bali’s private helipad at reception. This service takes 12 minutes in the air but can also be turned into a great tour with more than 30 mins in the air.

As your helicopter makes its approach you’d be forgiven for wondering whether InGen really did manage to bring back dinosaurs and Isla Nublar was a ruse all along.

Fregate Island

Fregate Island looks and feels like a land the rest of the world forgot, and totally the type of place Jurassic Park could actually exist. I mean just look at the picture. You can arrive by helicopter or boat. Jurassic Park theme song optional.

Wild panoramic tropical beauty

Four degrees south of the equator lies Fregate Island, a natural outstanding beauty with peaceful settings of verdant, tropical interiors and abundant nature fringed by seven fairy-tale beaches. The white powdery sand sweeps around the edge of sentinelled giant, iconic granite boulders.

Fregate Island is a one of a kind destination where guests can experience the ultimate offer to Seychelles luxury with an exclusive 5 star experience and a team genuinely committed to conservation. 

The closest international airport to Fregate Isand Private is Seychelles International Airport on the island Mahé, where the resort’s own airport representative will greet you after immigration and accompany you with your baggage to your private transfer shuttle.

They’re happy to assist you with arranging transfers to/from Fregate Island via Eurocopter EC120 and EC145 operated by Zil Air and the approximate flying time is 15 minutes each way. Eurocopters only operate during the day. Because of the dinosaurs, probably. I mean, you wouldn’t want a sneak attack fom a T-Rex at night, would you?

Fregate Island resort also asks you to note, transfers do not form part of their contract as these are performed by an independent third party (Zil Air). Therefore, they will not assume any liability for irregularities or changes made by Zil Air.

Like we said, probably the dinosaurs.

Hotels with helipad Fregate private island Seychelles

Amangiri blends into untouched red-rock country, claiming 600 acres of the vast and majestic Colorado Plateau, the original Wild West.


Amangiri is known the world over for adventure, luxury and wellness in a truly unique setting. It also has its own private helipad. Exploring the iconic and vast Colorado Plateua by helicopter is a once in a lifetime experience and makes this resort a must visit in our list of hotels with helipad landing areas.

A remote hideaway tucked within the luminous canyons of the American Southwest

In this desert landscape of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges, the modernist Suites of Amangiri and the tented Pavilions of Camp Sarika offer an inspiring welcome to one of the world’s most dramatic secluded settings.

Amangiri’s surroundings are inspiring enough when seen from the ground, but it’s only from above that you can possibly appreciate the sheer vastness and geological drama of the Colorado Plateau. Whether travelling by helicopter, balloon or plane, there’s no more awe-inspiring way to explore red-rock country than from the sky. 

Helicopters depart directly from Amangiri’s private helipad, hidden among the sandstone towers, and can fly from the resort to any of the surrounding National Parks. Choose to stay in the air and simply admire the scenery or touch down to embark on a privately guided ground tour.

You can also fly by helicopter or fixed-wing plane to Monument Valley and discover the Navajo Nation. Almost completely undeveloped, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park remains much the same as it did a millennium ago. Amangiri’s tours introduce guests to the culture of the Navajo, the original settlers of the Southwest, thanks to close relationships with experienced Navajo guides.

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