Luxury Montana retreat

Sophisticated woodland getaway

Expansive nature, intimate luxury, and breathtaking views

Destination: Montana, USA
Vacation: Serenity
Seeking: Privacy and nature
Highlight: The great outdoors

Nestled deep on the densely timbered southern edge of a 37,000-acre woodland ranch the green o luxury Montana retreat is a private nature resort like no other.

Designed for adults searching for the perfect blend of adventure and serenity the green o offers 12 secluded Haus accommodations that give guests the ultimate in privacy while planting them at the heart of a thrilling and idyllic woodland getaway where soul and spirit can soar.

Despite the remote feel an abundance of phenomenal cuisine is available. The Social Haus restaurant, bar and lounge, exclusive to the green o guests, is just a short walk from each Haus where guests can watch chefs prepare nourishing meals from the finest local ingredients, including cherries, wild chamomile, elk, beef and even unexpected flavors like Douglas fir tips, and enjoy cocktails and fine wines while taking in the vast Montana landscape and famous Big Sky.

Fishing, shooting, hiking, biking, hot air balloon and helicopter tours are just a few options for the more adventurous while a trip to wellness Spa Town is the ultimate activity for those seeking calm and tranquility during their stay.

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  • Privacy 100% 100%
  • Nature 100% 100%
  • Luxury 100% 100%
  • Relaxation 100% 100%

Peek through the branches to discover spectacular views of the Blackfoot River Valley. Jagged mountaintops carve their way across the horizon. To the north lies the million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness and the Swan Mountain Range, with elevations topping 8,000 feet. To the south lies the Garnet Mountain Range, home to large elk herds and raptors of all kinds.

For anyone who’s ever wanted a luxury retreat in Montana, the green o offers unparalleled natural beauty.

The Green O video

Take a tour of the green o luxury Montana retreat and discover a secret woodland getaway hidden under a canopy of pines on a 37,000 acre ranch in Greenough, Montana.

Best food & drink

1. Dry-aged bison ribeye

With menus that change frequently, sometimes daily, the green o kitchen serves small, shareable plates, nourishing entrees and artful desserts. Meals are focused around creative and healthy ingredients and offer a rich variety of seasonal favorites, from brioche French toast with huckleberry compote to dry-aged bison ribeye and whole-roasted rainbow trout.

2. Live-fire cooking

Dramatic flames kiss ranch-raised meats and grill them to juicy, fall-off-the-bone perfection. Expect tangy sauces and lip smacking spice rubs. This is so much more than your typical barbecue; it’s theater for the hungry, sustenance for the soul.

3. Local and sustainable

Having built strong ties with the surrounding agricultural community and foraged the finest local ingredients the green o is an inspiring place for the resort’s Executive Chef Brandon Cunningham and his staff, with culinary riches that include cherries, wild chamomile, elk, beef and even unexpected flavors like Douglas fir tips.

The green o luxury Montana retreat


Whatever the weather during your stay the first thing you’ll want to do is simply take in your gorgeous surroundings from the comfort of your luxury accommodation and just let yourself unwind.

Immersed in the striking Montana wilderness, gazing out across the valley, jagged mountaintops in the distance and strong calming trees all around you’ll easily be able to leave any stresses you have far behind.


Your adventure at the green o luxury Montana retreat will depend on the season you choose to go in, opening up different activities in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Horseback adventures, fly-fishing, climbing, hiking and trail biking, river rafting and hot air balloon and helicopter tours are all on offer, while in winter snowmobiles, skiing, skating and winter horse riding come out to play.


Take a deep breath. You’re here to connect. To your senses, to the earth, to one another, to the self. Wellness at the green o means taking the time to find your bliss with a Blackfoot River Rocks hot stone treatment—to feel your heartbeat slow to a purr. Wellness also means revving up your muscles to leap over obstacles on a wooded trail—to notice your pulse quickening like an engine running. This is one of the most unique luxury wellness retreats for couples in Montana, a luxury spa and fitness retreat that can be individualized just for you.

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