Walking along the shore of Alleynes Bay beach in Barbados opposite the Fairmont Royal Pavilion hotel

Alleynes Bay Barbados: sunrise to sunset on one of the world’s best beaches

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Alleynes Bay Barbados is a gorgeous broad stretch of white gold powder-soft sand that melts into the shallow warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Is it a beach worth visiting? Yes, yes it is. If we could set up shop there and never leave, we probably would.

Alleynes Bay Barbados is so beautiful it’s worth viewing all angles from as many different times in the day as possible, which is why we’ve shared some of our favourite photos of Alleynes Bay beach and the stunning Caribbean Sea from sunrise to sunset with you below.

Along the shore of Alleynes Bay Barbados, on the west coast known famously as Barbados’ Platimum Coast, you’ll find some of the country’s best luxury hotels, including the beautiful boutique Fairmont Royal Pavilion and Lone Star Hotel & Restaurant.

Both resorts are fantastic places to stay, relax, dine, and admire the view of Alleynes Bay and its glorious beach. Preferably with a Bajan Sorrel Sour or another local rum cocktail in hand.

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Have you visited Alleynes Bay Barbados? Or did another of Barbados’ incredibly beautiful beaches really impress you? Where did you stay? Tell us about your experiences and let’s raise the profile of the places that are truly unforgettable.

Wild Bay Co is as much a celebration of the people who make these incredible experiences possible, as it is a celebration of the luxury resorts and hotels themselves. If you’ve stayed somewhere outstanding that deserves recognition for its exceptional attention to detail as well as its stunning setting then contact us and let us know.

The sunrise on Alleynes Bay Barbados is spellbinding. A hazy pink glow to set your alarm for.


A cup of coffee watching the sunrise over Alleynes Bay. Paradise.

Stunning sunrise

Sometime around 5.30am (our last visit was in May. The sunrise varies depending when you’re visiting, so worth checking when you’re there) the sky above Alleynes Bay starts to brighten and turn different shades of pink and pastel blues.

We enjoyed the show so much it became a daily ritual with a fresh cup of coffee. We didn’t miss a single sunrise over Alleynes Bay in Barbados during our stay.

Sunrise on Alleynes Bay in Barbados from the balcony of an oceanfront room at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion luxury hotel

Turquoise blue sea and white gold sand.


As soon as the sun’s out Alleynes Bay Barbados becomes a postcard-perfect Caribbean beach scene.

Postcard-perfect paradise

Shortly after or around 7am (at least when we were staying along Alleynes Bay in May) the sun chased away the remaining shadows and the brightness went up, turning the sea a vibrant turquoise and the sand a bright white gold.

And that was that for basically the entire day. Postcard-perfect paradise. 

Turquoise Caribbean Sea of Alleynes Bay in Barbados viewed from the balcony of an oceanfront room at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion

The perfect evening show.


Yellows, deep oranges and many shades of purple. Sunsets on Alleynes Bay in Barbados are unforgettable.

Mesmerising sunsets

When we were staying along Alleynes Bay Barbados the sunset was around 6.15pm but the sun seemingly began to make its dramatic and mesmerising descent well before then, and often we’d go in search of a cocktail and the perfect viewing spot around an hour earlier to make sure we caught the whole show.

No two sunsets were the same, nor were they to be missed. Basically, we set up our entire day, every day, around the way daylight changed the colours of the sky, the ocean, and the sand. Hopefully from the pictures you can see why.

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